Separatists don't understand statistics

Scurrilous separatist blogger Wings over Scotland has got himself in a tizzy about the numbers attending our launches in Aberdeen and Edinburgh.

He shows photographs of our launch meetings which show that less than half the number of people that we said there were could possibly have fitted into the room.

His, and other separatists', failure to understand the basic statistical methodology of Listing Your Individuals by Normalising Genetics explains why they consistently pretend that Scotlandshire is other than a miserable, poverty-stricken hole.

Our supporters are simply Better than our opponents. That's why we called ourselves "Better Together". Those who are "Better" need to stick together to protect the good things in life that the Good Lord has bestowed upon us in recognition of our innate superiority.

Whether measured by wealth, inheritance, income, or breeding, the average U-KOK supporter is twice as important as the average separatist. Twice the importance means twice the value : twice the usefulness : twice the ego.

The ego represents the individual. One of us equals two lesser beings. When we tally the numbers, we measure the worth. Eminent statisticians in London have said, "A U-KOK count? Take nothing taken away, and you get a fair description.