Better Together - Better Journalism

We at BBC Scotlandshire are respectful of the good honest journalism that others produce, and we would never wish to take the credit for their endeavours.

We are grateful and honoured when it is assumed that articles elsewhere are the product of the fine literary minds that serve the cause of truth, honesty, reliability (if seldom sobriety) that are the hallmarks of our output.

Credit where credit is due. While this Smear and Fear article reads like one of our finer pieces, we will not steal their work. However, we are happy to give this superb piece of writing the further coverage it deserves.

We urge all our readers to note the carefully crafted insinuations, assumptions and distortions that are embedded within it, and marvel that the mind of man (or woman, or hermaphrodite, or transgendered person) can produce such noble sentiments.

As for the author, we would welcome his/her or its services as representing the true values of this channel.