Advertising - the future of BBC Scotlandshire in the UK

By Tacksfrei Goudies, Our Financial Guru

darling-maskAfter the inevitable No vote, we can confidently say that BBC London will no longer have any interest in wasting the scarce cash from licence payers on different programming for Scotlandshire.

Programmes in Jockinese have never been popular with the wider English audience, and will be phased out over the week following the inevitable NO vote in September.

Consequently, we are seriously considering additional revenue sources to ensure that our expense accounts remain extremely well padded.

Advertising, as long as it is as moral, balanced and unbiased as we are, seems a sensible approach to consider, and we read the following offer from the Fudology Mask Company with interest.


Dear Sir,
I note you do not take advertising but as I am loyal Scotchman (Butt) I hope you will make an exception in this case. I have attached the advert below and, although not stated, 20% of profits will go to Better Together.



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